Pool Table Removals

Pool table removalists

Moving a pool table is as complex as a piano removals job. Their irregular shape and high costs, can be a financial disaster if pieces gets broken during the move. Pool table is very heavy ( around 450 Kgs),  so it’s important to hire the expert at Removalists of Melbourne which are  skilled, professional & Strong Pool table Removalists, to move safely and without a hitch.

Dis-assembly of a pool table is around an hour mark. It will require 2 persons to disassemble it, and probably 4 to 5 guys to move it. If you want to do the move yourself and save the moving costs, below are some tips :-

Remember always Pool tables are heavy and you can easily hurt yourself,  So sometimes its not worth to take the risk. Removalists of Melbourne will not be liable if you hurt yourself in doing the pool table move yourself. To avoid the unnecessary risk Call the pros at Removalists of Melbourne and let us take care of our baby. Book Now.

Below is a DIY guide for moving Pool Tables provided by Removalists Melbourne :-

Disassembling the Legs

This will require 3 people, unscrew the three legs on the long side and lift the table from one side carefully, and the legs are removed and placed away. The table is slowly placed on the floor on soft floor protectors. Unscrew the other 3 legs and lift the table to remove the legs and put them away and place the slate slowly on the floor.

Loading  the Slate

Load the slate on a Piano Trolley on the long side, and use floor protectors before moving the trolley over the floor.  Move the trolley over the hydraulic lift of the truck and place the slate in a way it can be easily loaded on to the truck, and once it is lifted roll it inside and remove it from the trolley and wrap it with blankets and strap it to the truck walls to prohibit it from getting damaged during the move.

Loading the Legs

Load all the legs of the pool table on the truck and wrap it in blankets to avoid transportation damage.

Unloading the Slate

Follow the same guide to unload the slate as stated above in loading the slate. Move the slate to the place you want the table to be located.

Assembling the legs

Lift the table from one side and screw all 3 legs, once done let the table rest on the legs and lift the other side and screw the other 3 legs and place it down slowly. Once done you can lift the table and place it in a place you want.

If you are thinking this will be too much a job for you, you are probably right.  There is big risk of getting hurt and  injuring others with heavy parts like slate.  Do-not attempt to take more than what you are capable to move. The best advice will be to hire the professionals at Removalists of Melbourne. Our Pool table removalists are renowned for quality, experience and strength.

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