Removalists Melbourne

Every move is special, Removalists Melbourne considers every move differently, keeping locations, dates, times and factors such as stairs or elevators in mind when coming up with your moving strategy. Our Furniture removalists are well trained in the art of moving. We follow strict guidelines and discipline to ensure safety of the removalist and the customer. Our equipment is state of the art and well maintained, ensuring 100% error proof move.

Pool Table Removalists

Removalists Melbourne have been moving pool tables for more than 10 years. If you plan on moving a pool table soon, you simply have two options, Hire a mover or Move it yourself. You have to be equipped with the right people and tools to make a successful move. The average pool table weighs between 200-450kg, so if you are doing it yourself be prepared to put in some effort. A pool table may appear to be easier to move but unfortunately that is not the case.

Office Removalists

PCs, chairs, special equipment need special packing. We will not ruin or scratch your expensive equipment. Removalists of Melbourne are the best if you need a professional office moving company that will care for equipment as if they were their own. We will pack, wrap and strap everything properly in the truck so they do not get loose and broken, and have them delivered to the right location quickly in a timely manner, so you don't miss a working day.